Pictures are up from the Brisbane Meet and Greet

Anywhere Festival Brisbane Meet and Greet. Photo by Stuart Hirth

Thank you to everyone who came along on Monday and also to Stuart Hirth for taking some very lovely pictures of everyone that you can find right here at the link.

Also, don’t forget that Stuart Hirth is offering his services for any groups wanting publicity shots done for Anywhere Festival.
He is keen to use his new equipment so he is not charging to take photographs but he has set a limit on the number he can do, so get in touch with him asap so you can get some shots ready for the program.
If you are keen to take Stuart up on his offer, email him at  swhirth {@}


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CROWDFUNDING: Anywhere Unlimited


Anyone who did Anywhere Festival, Brisbane in 2014 will know that we launched Anywhere Unlimited, our own crowdfunding platform with the aim to provide participants with an inexpensive fundraising tool.

Well….it’s back. Simpler and better than before.

Head to: to quickly set up an account, browse our project guidelines and then start your own campaign today! It’s easy- but be warned- crowdfunding takes time and a great pitch to be successful.

Last year, $25,000 was raised to support Anywhere Festival shows. That’s a sterling effort! But I can tell you for sure that it was clear from the outset who’s campaigns would reach their targets and whose campaigns would sink.

That’s why I’ve compiled a wee little list of key points to remember here: but if your clicking finger is broken, I’ve listed them below (but just click on the link to get more detail):




  1. Prepare your face off.

  2. Strategic social marketing

  3. Produce a great video

  4. Create a helpful media page

  5. Don’t ask for money immediately

  6. Build interest before you close

  7. Communicate often

  8. Make it personal

  9. Appeal to your existing fans

  10. Appeal to everyone else

And if that ain’t enough, I’ve produced a short video to show you how to set-up a campaign. I do need to let you know though that I re-configured the system a bit since producing the video so some elements may be different- easier, even- so if it’s not exactly the same, just email if you get confused! ;)

Finally, please remember that the world doesn’t need anymore tote bags. Don’t get caught up in the idea that your campaign needs to give away tat- by tat, I mean bags/shirts/keychains/badges. Think about rewards that are meaningful, unique to YOUR project and get people along to your show.

Opening night tickets, mp3 soundtracks, lunch with a member of your team…anything that doesn’t add to the world’s waste.

Now start campaigning!

xx Alex


Meet and Greet Presentation

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 12.39.18 PM

Thank-you everyone for joining us on Monday night. It was fabulous to see so many of you there and hopefully you had many of your questions answered. Here is the presentation from the night with some direct links and reminders for you.

All the best with your venue negotiations and box office forms both due 30th January!

Anywhere Information Session 19 January

Anywhere is possible for two Mackay artists (ABC)

Julieanne Bergman

Playing a game of squash usually involves bouncing a ball off rackets and walls, but two Mackay performers plan to bounce off their audience instead. Not literally of course… although that could still make for an interesting game. (Read the full article at ABC Online)

Dougal McLauchlan and Julieanne Bergmann are involved in the Anywhere Festival. which is running in Mackay over the course of 10 days in March.

Dougal says the festival is designed to create performances in non-traditional locations.

“It can be anywhere from a car park, a playground, warehouse, or cane fields; it is just sort of taking it out of its normal confines,” Dougal said.

As you may have already guessed, Dougal and Julieanne are performing on a squash court, and both say their game plan is to train hard and play hard.

“The majority of our work is all improvised,” Dougal said.

“So we will work on the fitness and the skills, and then we might have a few set moves we might bring out, but the majority of the evening is just off the cuff.”

Their performance involves two competitive squash players battling it out on court.

Dougal says he probably has more of a background in sports than performance, but he likes improvising because it keeps him on his toes.

“I played football for most of my life, but realised it is probably not a good sport to go into your late 30s – it is not very forgiving running into big burly men,” Dougal said.

“Dancing and movement is a bit more gentle, well it can be… not always,” he laughed.

Julieanne is a dancer in Mackay and says she heard about the festival through some colleagues.

She says herself and Dougal will be performing over two nights, and when it comes to improvising performances, it can be a bit nerve-racking.

“I think the beauty of improvisation is that’s what you see,” Julieanne said.

“You see someone in a really vulnerable situation, we can all relate to that.

“So we are not sort of taking on Julieanne and Dougal the professional squash players as such, we are just really ourselves. ”

Julieanne says on the night there might be some bad attempts at squash playing, but mostly it is all movement and non-traditional dance improvisations.

She says performing in the setting of the squash court is going to up the ante for their physicality, and she joked that they may be lying flat on the floor by the end of it all.

Mackay’s creative scene

Dougal says it is always good to have new theatre and new art showing in town as it exposes the younger generation the creative scene.

“And all the people similar to myself, who may have moved away from the arts for a little for whatever reason, it helps them re-engage in that community,” Dougal said.

“And Mackay has such a wonderful, very eclectic collection of amazing artists of all varying skills, and it is really great to be inspired, and hopefully we can inspire the younger and older generation, because it is a lot of fun.”

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Two artists prepare to get squashed in Mackay

Julieanne Bergman 2015 Anywhere Festival

PRESS CALL 11.30am Tuesday 20 January

What: Two artists prepare in a squash court for Mackay’s inaugural festival of performance anywhere but a theatre – Anywhere Festival.

When: 11.30am Tuesday 20th January

Where: Squash 52, 52 Brisbane Street, Mackay, 4740

Why: Anywhere Festival is coming to the Mackay and Isaac Region. Local and visiting artists will feature 50 performances of music, comedy, drama, poetry, dance and much more. The catch? The performances will be anywhere but a theatre. Golf Clubs, Squash courts, cafes, park, museums. But no theatres.

Anywhere Festival Mackay-Isaac will take over the nooks and crannies of Mackay to Nebo, Dysart, Moranbah, Middlemount and more from 13-22 March 2015 with a genre busting festival of performance anywhere but a theatre. Full program to be announced in February at

Founded in Brisbane in 2011 and now presenting festivals in Mackay-Isaac, Parramatta and Frankston, Anywhere Festival brings any space to life with exciting and enthralling theatre and performance.

Local artists, Dougal McLauchlan and Julieanne Bergmann, have been selected to present a new performance work at a squash court as part of national arts initiative, Anywhere Festival, in Mackay and Isaac Regional Council from March 13-22 2015.

Mr McLauchlan and Ms Bergmann have partnered with locally owned and operated sports facility, Squash 52 in Mackay, to present their unique style of improvised movement and performance.

“From the moment we stepped inside the iconic building, we were charmed by its people and its spaces,” said Julieanne.

Squash 52 manager, Ben Courtice, said he was enthusiastic about the festival and the artists’ selection of the facility.

“We are really happy to have Dougal and Julieanne performing in the squash courts. My family built the courts in the 1960s and have been running them ever since. In all that time, we’ve never hosted a show. This performance is going to be something really different for our regular players and clients,” said Ben.

Anywhere Festival Mackay-Isaac is proudly supported by Mackay Regional Council and Isaac Regional Council. Anywhere Theatre Festival Limited is supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland, part of the Department of Science, Information Technology, Innovation and the Arts.

For further details, images or for interviews, contact Paul Osuch at 0452 635 488 or paul [@] or Julieanne Bergmann julieannebergmann [@]

{More quotes follow}

Further Detail

“There are some really unique vantage points across the sunken courts. The opportunity to watch movement from above and up close doesn’t come around very often. Like spectators at a match, the audience will experience every risky moment and each bead of sweat,” Julieanne added.

Mr McLauchlan said he was excited to develop the pair’s existing performance work within a sporting context.

“I am really passionate about all kinds of sports so I have enjoyed work-shopping the many similarities between movement improvisation and the tactics of a game,” said Dougal.

“In our last work, For Real, we looked at the very human aspects of improvisation and making something up as you go along. The sporting theme of our next development is a nice progression because no matter how much training you do, on game day, you are just improvising too,” Dougal added.

Jake Shavikin, producer with Anywhere Festival is currently meeting up with businesses and performers as he finalises the program.

“The festival is all about attracting audiences who aren’t traditional theatre goers. Performing in business locations also brings in new customers to businesses for a new experience.”, said Jake.

“We’re finalising the program now, so if you want to perform in it or have any kind of space to volunteer for performances there’s still some time to get in contact at or 07 3102 4683



Just 2 days left to return Performer Contracts and Registration Fees!!

Just a reminder that in 2 days on Friday 16th January the following are due:
Performer Contracts: 

  1. You will find these in an email titled “Registration Fees, Performer Contract & Festival Planner”
  2. Please fill in, sign and email back to me as a PDF or JPEG at
  3. The Document is titled “2015 _Festival_Contract”

NB: This contract is between the primary contact for your production and the festival (not the whole cast)

Registration Fees: 

  1. Pay via

Producers Meet & Greet Mackay


Jake Shavikin will be flying up to Mackay next Tuesday, 20th January and he wants to meet you! We hope that you can spare your early evening to meet up, discuss all things Anywhere and get all of the details straightened out for this wonderful festival in March. If you have any burning questions, confusions please attend this first information session.

This is also a great opportunity to meet up with the other artists in the festival to share marketing strategies, performance spaces – even create a performance hub and just get to know what else is going to be happening during the festival.


Who: Open to all personnel in your productions.

What: Come join us for an informal chat and networking session. This first Producers Meeting is an opportunity to get together to collaborate with other artists in the festival, talk strategies and learn some invaluable advice from the Anywhere Team about everything from securing a venue to closing night!

6pm: Welcome From Jake

  • Deadlines and Must Do’s
  • Securing A Venue
  • Scheduling and festival flow

6.30pm onwards: Meet Your Neighbours

  • Meet other artists and productions looking to perform work in the same area, or even same venue, as you and talk strategies for cross-promotion, curating audience journeys and combining forces for fundraising opportunities.
  • Mingle!

Where: Seven on Wood
7 Wood Street

Mackay QLD 4740, Australia

Thanks to the generous David Pyke for allowing us to meet in this great venue, hopefully it will get your creative juices flowing.

When:  Tuesday 20th January
6:00 – 7:30pm

Price? Free!

RSVP by Sunday 18th January or why not do it right now?

11 days left and 11 reasons to be part of Anywhere Parramatta

Wonderland_4917 Gerry Nicholls

Expressions of Interest close midnight Friday 23 January. There’s now less than 11 days left for performers and producers to express interest in Anywhere Festival Parramatta and here is 11 reasons why you should from the mouths of 2014 Anywhere participants.

  1. “Having a great festival program certainly helped us with getting extra people to our show. Also the support from the organizers was fantastic. “
  2. “Anywhere Theatre Festival gives me the opportunity to explore my work in a high quality, supportive and extremely creative environment that is unique to performance art in Australia.”, Scott Wings
  3. “It worked! We gained confidence and moved forward in to the next festival, The Melbourne Fringe. Anywhere Festival was like a fluffy, broad diving board from which to take a leap of faith.” Heidi Manche
  4. “The venue were excellent to work with. Very fast responses by the festival organisers to all questions.”
  5. “Handling of logistics. Having online ticket sales, crowdfunding, reviewers and photographers all sorted for us was hugely helpful and let us concentrate less on logistics on more on the art.”
  6. “You can perform on the river. Or a mountain. In a shed. A car park. Do you realise how great it is to remove those comfort zones of stage and lighting? Once you’ve performed on a riverbank in the dark, man, a theatre space seems easy…”
  7. “The prompt responses, immense support in all things new and encouragement. Ruby was a fantastic contact for me, she helped so much and I’m very appreciative of having her support and guidance as a lot of the tasks – i.e. inviting reviewers, writing press releases, contacting media, risk management, etc I had never done before.”
  8. “The deadline it provided to spur on our shows creation. The contracts and risk management training were very helpful.”
  9. “Producers Packs (excellent resource) Website, ticketing, PR and marketing support and resources, practical and useful infrastructure – contracts and deadlines, regular communication with the festival organiser and  location partners. A respectful and professional attitude towards the artists and their work.”
  10. “Support from Paul and Alex was always stella!  They gave great advice. Performing at the launch made a huge contribution to the success of this show. The audience knew what to expect from this show before booking tickets. There was a lot of interest aroused from this performance.”
  11. AND ONE FINAL POINT – “We don’t need theatres. Everything is possible when you leave the theatre. We have access to things we’d never otherwise be able to create inside a theatre. Plus, we’re all poor artists and theatres tend to cost money. And we kinda’ need all the money we have for rent.” Davina Wright

Anywhere Festival Parramatta is a festival of performance anywhere but a theatre running 8-17 May 2015 with music, cabaret, dance, drama, poetry, comedy and much more in the nooks and crannies of Parramatta.

You can express interest at the link by midnight Friday 23 January.

To express interest, all you need is your show idea. You do not need to have a venue confirmed, however, it is recommended that you have a good idea on the type of location you would like to use or even a specific location so that Anywhere can broker a relationship.

Anywhere Festival Parramatta is proudly hosted by Parramatta City Council. Anywhere Theatre Festival Ltd is supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland, part of the Department of Science, Information Technology, Innovation and the Arts.



Theatre on a canal? Immerse audiences, cut costs (PBS U.S)


Site-specific theater, a growing art form that immerses audiences into productions, has become a tool for some producers to save money by defraying pricey traditional staging. NewsHour Weekend’s Zachary Green reports on a show playing from a particularly unconventional site in Brooklyn, New York. (Read the full article)

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Box Office Online Form


Once you have:

  1. Paid your registration fees
  2. Signed your Performer Contracts
  3. Signed your Venue Contracts

Please fill out your Box Office Online Form by the 30th January 2015.

You can edit your show listing right up until tickets go on sale, after that NO CHANGES CAN BE MADE unless you go through Anywhere Festival staff. This is to ensure no sales are lost through error.

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Venue Contracts

Your show name

Venue Contracts are due by the 30th January 2015 and are to be emailed to

Venue Contracts can be found in your Anywhere Festival Planner under the second tab from the left titled  ‘Venue Agreement”.

When approaching your venue or location please provide them with the Anywhere Hosting Partner Benefits Document. 

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Performer Contracts

Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 11.40.58 AM

You will have received an email from Ruby titled “Registration Fees, Performer Contracts & Festival Planner” with your personalised performer contracts attached as a Word Document. Please sign these and email them back to as a PDF with the subject: Performer Contracts by the 16th January 2015. 

Should you not have received your performer contract or if you have any questions or curiosities regarding the contract please don’t hesitate to get in touch via email or on 0435 477 696.

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