Parramatta show expressions of interest due 23 January


Expressions of Interest may have closed for Anywhere Festival Brisbane and Anywhere Festival Mackay, but you still have until 23 January 2015 to get your show expression of interest in for Anywhere Festival Parramatta.

Anywhere Festival Parramatta is a festival of performance anywhere but a theatre running 8-17 May 2015 with music, cabaret, dance, drama, poetry, comedy and much more in the nooks and crannies of Parramatta.

You can express interest at the link.

To express interest, all you need is your show idea. You do not need to have a venue confirmed, however, it is recommended that you have a good idea on the type of location you would like to use or even a specific location so that Anywhere can broker a relationship.

Anywhere has been a vital stepping stone for many independent artists. Scott Wings has presented at two Anywhere Festivals and for Scott, Anywhere was vital to the development of his work and talents as an artist.

“Anywhere Theatre Festival gives me the opportunity to explore my work in a high quality, supportive and extremely creative environment that is unique to performance art in Australia.”, said Scott.

“You can perform on the river. Or a mountain. In a shed. A car park. Do you realise how great it is to remove those comfort zones of stage and lighting? The traditional audience/entertainer relationships? It hones your work. Once you’ve performed on a riverbank in the dark, man, a theatre space seems easy…”

Heid Manche, director of A Bald Prima Donna, feels similar: “We did a risky play in a risky location – absurd theatre in a substation. It worked! We gained confidence and moved forward in to the next festival, The Melbourne Fringe. Anywhere Festival was like a fluffy, broad diving board from which to take a leap of faith.”

“The thing the blows me away is that more local producers and performers are doing Anywhere not just to develop work, but as a way to raise money to go to other festivals.” said Anywhere cofounder Paul Osuch.

“Where other fringe festivals expect the performers to take the artistic and the financial risk, we provide a globally unique framework so artists can take artistic risks without the financial risks associated with fringe festival and independent producing.”

Davina Wright, director of productions in Anywhere Festival Brisbane and now Frankston sums up why Anywhere is so fantastic for performers:

“We don’t need theatres. Everything is possible when you leave the theatre. We have access to things we’d never otherwise be able to create inside a theatre. Plus, we’re all poor artists and theatres tend to cost money. And we kinda’ need all the money we have for rent.”

Anywhere Festival Parramatta is proudly hosted by Parramatta City Council. Anywhere Theatre Festival Ltd is supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland, part of the Department of Science, Information Technology, Innovation and the Arts.


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Expressions of Interest closed for Mackay and Brisbane


Performer Expressions of Interest have now closed for 2015 Anywhere Festival Mackay-Isaac and Anywhere Festival Brisbane. If you missed the deadline due to circumstances beyond your control, get in contact with us at anyone [@] to discuss if a late entry is possible.

Only 7 days left to be part of Anywhere Festival

Travelling Sisters Wig Out1

Performers Australia wide have until 4 December to register to be part of the 2015 Anywhere Festivals in Brisbane and Mackay.

The very simple and easy online form to send in your show idea is right here.

The festival of performance anywhere but a theatre is on in the Mackay and Isaac regions from 13-22 March and Brisbane 7-24 May 2014
Anywhere Festival will feature dance, circus, music, ballet, opera, burlesque, theatre, comedy, immersive theatre, drama, poetry, storytelling, puppetry, online events, workshops and any kind of event that can take place anywhere but a theatre.
Anywhere Festival is a curated fringe festival that presents exciting experiences in the little discovered nooks and crannies of cities and takes the financial burden away from independent performer by providing marketing, box office and finds rent free venues from cafes to boxing rings, barbers to bowling greens for performers to put on a show.
“Businesses and councils provide spaces, performers present work and audiences get to experience some amazing work in nooks and crannies of their town they have never had the chance to visit before. Anywhere but a theatre of course.”, said Paul Osuch, Founder and Artistic Director of Anywhere Festival.
Performers can Express Interest at or by calling 07 3102 4683

Up Your Arts and see more shows for less


At Anywhere, we’d like to offer you something special. We’ve heard you’d like to get a program posted to you, the ability to book tickets before they go on sale to all the general public, invites to special events, ticket discounts for yourself or for friends, discounts with festival partners or to even get your name printed in the program as a vital supporter.

Now you can do all that with UP YOUR ARTS. Watch the video here

UP YOUR ARTS provides all the benefits you could ever want assuming you actually enjoy Anywhere Festival. You also get a card that you carry around in y our wallet or purse and present for discounts and offers during the festival and all year round – as they are announced.

So, how do you join UP YOUR ARTS? Easy: you give us some money. Prices start at $12.95 – that’s the price of 3 coffees, a very small lego set or ten minutes of parking in the Brisbane CBD on a Sunday. As well as getting great rates, you are helping Anywhere work with local producers and performers throughout Australia to deliver amazing festivals in Brisbane, Mackay, Parramatta, Frankston and anywhere else that asks us nicely and pays for our bus fares.

Get UP YOUR ARTS, the benefits scheme for lovers of performance anywhere, direct at

But wait, there’s more. Sign up before 31 December and you only need to pay as little as $5. That’s five one dollar coins or ten fifty cent pieces, or less than the handling fee on most tickets you buy online these days.

The number of  each plan available at the early bird price is limited so get in quick. Update Friday 5th December 2014 – PERFORMER PACKS at the the early bird price have now SOLD OUT but all other plans still available at early bird price.

We are limiting the number of early bird discounts available for each UP YOUR ARTS category so get in quick. Get UP  YOUR ARTS at we have computers ready to take your key board strokes on the interwebs now.

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Cash to fund your Anywhere show


With just over three weeks until the expression of interest deadline for 2015 Anywhere Festivals, we know you want some answers to do with money.

Click on the LATEST ENEWS TO FIND OUT MORE and if you aren’t signed up for it, you can do that right here or at the bottom of the email.

Once you’ve had a look at some options, head to our Expression of Interest page and fill in the details before 4 December to be part of an incredible year of Anywhere Festivals in Mackay (13-22 March), Brisbane (7-24 May) and Parramatta (8-17 May) and others dates to be confirmed.


Image courtesy of “Speaking Freely” from 2014 Anywhere Festival Brisbane

How do you like to get your news from us?


A quick questions to all Anywhere Festival fans.

Do you use Facebook to find out what is happening with festivals and arts organisations you like or do you use Facebook mostly for personal connections and sign up for eNews instead? Maybe you rely more on other social media? Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn.

The online world is getting noisier and noisier and we’d like to do what we can to make it a little bit quieter and better targeted for you.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on how you prefer to find out important news about the festivals and companies that you like because we are working on how we get news out to you in the future.

Please leave any comments below (or simply type the name of your preferred method below).


5 Unmissable Sydney festivals in 2015


2015 looks like another huge year of festivals and events with two new entrants set to shake things up and provide new ways. From the little festival that has grown like wild fire (Anywhere Festival) to a new festival with Richard Roxburgh as Creative Director to Vivid Sydney and Sydney Fringe.

Anywhere Festival (8-17 May 2015)

The festival of performance anywhere but a theatre is coming to New South Wales for the first time in 2015, with a festival of opera in boxing rings, sketch comedy on bowling greens, music in barbers, ballet in baths and even performances and places that don’t start with the letter “b”. Anywhere Festival happens 8-17 May 2015 throughout the nooks and crannies of Parramatta. QANTAS Travel Insider named Anywhere Festival Brisbane as one of the “Top Nine Fine International Festivals You Must See” in 2012. Get a taste of what it is all about and why you won’t want to miss Anywhere Festival

Spectrum Now (11 – 29 March 2015)

“Spectrum Now is a festival dedicated to bringing the broad-ranging and vibrant cultural and artistic life of Sydney to the streets. In March, Sydney will be abuzz with pop-up spectacles, eateries, artist showcases, dance works, interactive and installation art, contemporary garden displays, to name but a small scattering of elements.” Richard Roxburgh

Sydney Fringe (September 2015)

The Sydney Fringe celebrates the cultural heart of Sydney. It is varied, quirky, exceptional, fun, moving, inspiring and informative. Dare to dig a little deeper with us and you will discover a world that exists just outside your everyday. Around the corner from where you catch the bus, underneath where you have your morning coffee and across the road from where you work. It’s here year round, generating incredible works, experimenting with ideas, entertaining, informing and creating. Whether its a fabulous independent retailer, a tiny little theatre company, an emerging musician or comedian, a great artisan cafe or hidden gallery we intend to find it for you. So step out your door this spring and see what your city has to offer.

Vivid Sydney (22 May – 8 June 2015)

Vivid does many things – ‘lights, music and ideas’ is its rather broad tagline – but if you know only one thing about it, it’s that it turns the Opera House into a delightful psychedelic canvas which can entrance you for hours. Vivid is just about the only winter festival we’ve got, and while still young at three years old, it’s made itself a permanent fixture on the Sydney calendar.Each year’s festival program follows the whims and fancies of a specially chosen curator – in 2010 it was Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson, and in 2011 it was Modular Records founder, Steven Pavlovic.” Concrete Playground

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Immersive theatre on a boat goes adrift

The Dreary Coast - Jeff Stark

A mythical exploration of one of Brooklyn’s most polluted waterways had enchanting moments, but left those on the shore narratively marooned. 

“You will leave at the first tolling of the bells,” the tall blonde woman who had just marked my forehead with a small black U-shape instructed me. Shortly, two women draped in ethereal white hooded cloaks and gently ringing hand bells drifted into Lavender Lake, a bar in Brooklyn’s Gowanus neighborhood. The majority of the bar’s occupants – about 30 of us – followed them out of the bar, into an adjacent doorway and up a flight of stairs. Three women carefully placed hoods on our heads and arranged us in two circles. We were all waiting to enter the world of The Dreary Coast, a play performed on a modified pontoon boat on the Gowanus Canal, and our silent initiation was tantalizingly occult.

Read the full review at The Guardian

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Find the new images on our web site


We’ve done a slight revamp of and thought it time to feature some new Anywhere images of performances taken by Anywhere Photographers.

The new look features imagery of ARIA MODERNA (Little Balck Dress Creative) photographed by Bruce Heath, SMOOTH END OF THE PINEAPPLE (Bell & McPhie) photographed by Stuart Hirth, SHILLER’S THE ROBBERS (Aboriginal Centre for the Performing Arts) by Mana Salsali and SHAVE AND A HAIRCUT (Belles from Hell) photographed by Navin Samuel Regi

Plans for Halloween?

Turning Tricks Metro Arts Oct 31 2014

Wondering what to do tonight for Halloween that’s suitably dark but doesn’t involve dressing up? Enter the inner sanctum of tricksters: TURNING TRICKS at Metro Arts presented by Pete Booth and Sean Mergard. We’re big fans and loved their show at 2014 Anywhere Theatre Festival. BOOK HERE


Enter the inner sanctum of tricksters, pranksters, hoaxers, and scammers and learn the tricks that have been used for centuries to separate people from their money.

Join Sean Mergard (Mentalist) and Pete Booth (Comedy Magician) and learn how to take down the casino, convince people you’re psychic, and raise the dead.

Turning Tricks utilises the techniques of magic, mentalism and comedy to tell the tales of the biggest scams the world has ever known – from the beginning of the supernatural to today’s television psychics, and everything in between.

Turning Tricks was Written by Pete Booth and Sean Mergard and Directed by Thomas Calder. The show premiered at the Brisbane Fringe Festival 2013 as part of Brisbane Fringe Comedy in two sellout shows, becoming the highest selling show of the 2013 Festival. The show was updated and expanded in late 2013 for a one-off performance in Brisbane’s South.

In May 2014, Turning Tricks was performed in full at the Anywhere Theatre Festival in Brisbane with four Sold Out performances. July saw two additional Sold Out shows for an Encore Season for Anywhere Theatre Festival.

Join us to celebrate Halloween at Metro Arts, for Turning Tricks

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You can perform anywhere in Parramatta

Shave and a Haircut 2014 Anywhere

Once you’ve performed on a riverbank in the dark, man, a theatre space seems easy…”  Scott Wings 

Anywhere Festival is now accepting EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST until 4 December for performances anywhere in Parramatta City Council for 2015 Anywhere Festival Parramatta, running 8 – 17 May 2015 and proudly hosted by Parramatta City Council.


The festival has been running in Australia for four years and in 2012 was listed by QANTAS Travel Insider as one of the “Top Nine International Festivals You Must See!”

Performers and producers can express interest through a free and quick online form by 4 December 2014. If you’ve got a busy day ahead and don’t have time to read this full article, this is WHY YOU AS A PERFORMER OR GROUP SHOULD GET INVOLVED.

  1. Expressions of Interest are free and will take you two minutes (oh, here’s the link again)
  2. We work with you to find a rent free performance space anywhere but a theatre, eliminating what is arguably the biggest cost for independent producers.
  3. We program you in the festival to maximise attendance – not so we can say how many shows we’ve got. The festival can be unfolded and everything seen in one go. No gazzumping from big names paying for additional advertising.
  4. Did we mention that in Anywhere Brisbane the average attendance of total capacity is 77% and in Anywhere Frankston it was 82%.
  5. We run a reviewer and photographer scheme to ensure almost all shows get at least a review and photographs – often both and sometime many.
  6. We are here for you. We want you and your audiences to have the best experience ever and that you have the best chance possibility of paying the creators of the work (that’s you) instead of everyone else first.
  7. That Expression of Interest link again

Performances can be anywhere but a theatre and any style – circus, cabaret, drama, comedy, poetry, music and performance art. If there’s a name for it and it involves performance anywhere but a theatre, it can be part of 2015 Anywhere Festival.

“We believe there is a better way for performers and producers than waiting for rare slots in theatres and losing life savings producing in overwhelming fringe festivals where there are more performances than audiences members and the entire budget goes on venue hire and paying for everything but the creation of the work,” said Paul Osuch of Anywhere Festival.

Anywhere Festival will be a fully curated fringe festival featuring a mix of local and visiting shows in places you wouldn’t expect.

“By curating and capping the number of productions we’ll be able to provide the support and guidance to every single producer to develop world leading incredible work and finding an audience instead of being lost in an overwhelming festival,” said Paul.

We are looking for productions that “bring joy to the nooks and crannies of Parramatta CIty Council” by thinking outside the box.

“It’s about using existing spaces and focusing on the creation of performance instead all the superfluous and costly extras required by traditional theatres,’ said Paul.

“We want creatives to be at the top of the financial chain where they belong instead of having to accept the crumbs after everything and everyone else has been paid for.”

The freedom it provides performers is immense. Performer Scott Wings is currently receiving five star reviews and sell out audiences with his Edinburgh Fringe show Icarus Falling. Scott has been part of the last two Anywhere Theatre Festivals in Brisbane, presenting work under the Storey Bridge and on a rooftop next to the Brisbane River. For Scott, Anywhere was vital to the development of his work and talents as an artist.

“Anywhere Theatre Festival gives me the opportunity to explore my work in a high quality, supportive and extremely creative environment that is unique to performance art in Australia,” said Scott.

“You can perform on the river. Or a mountain. In a shed. A car park. Do you realise how great it is to remove those comfort zones of stage and lighting? The traditional audience/entertainer relationships? It hones your work. Once you’ve performed on a riverbank in the dark, man, a theatre space seems easy…”

Performers can sign up to find out more at and express interest in being part of the festival directly at For further details, contact Paul Osuch on 02 8003 4723.