Review: I Knew These People

This is my favourite show of the Anywhere Theatre Festival. I loved “I Knew These People”  from its stunning first movement sequence to its creative finale. It brings together 5 powerful episodes, each one a contained piece on its own but when married together, it is an impressive theatrical experience that totally entranced me. The […]

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Of all the innovative angles to approach circus from, looking down into it has got to win the prize.  Acrobatic group, Affinity’s Don’t Look Up at the Frankston Skate Park was sheer brilliance. Without a safety net in any sense of the words these four young performers dazzled the audience with sensational tumbling, spectacular aerial […]


Cirque du Bloke by Three High Acrobats at Bayside Rock was “the best circus show I’ve ever seen!” chirped my teenager my daughter who is not easy to impress. My eleven-year-old son and I concurred. As an arts writer I see a wide range of performances on a regular basis, yet this one really stood […]

Review – Peninsula Ferry Tales

Peninsula Ferry Tales is a performance of stories about the Peninsula by Madness Children’s Entertainment. Beginning with the history of the people indigenous to the area was an excellent way to start the story. It’s a great way to educate children about the region they live in through word, song and a lot of high […]

Review: Don’t Look Up

Don’t look up is a fast and dynamic performance by Affinity Circus and true to its name, you don’t want to look up to miss any of the action. Set in the bowls of the Frankston Skate Park, the audience is given a really interesting perspective and viewing angle to absorb the talent and strength […]

Review: Peninsula Ferry Tails

This is a delightful play for children yet it also has plenty in there for the adults to enjoy as we all go on a crazy journey with Frank Stone (note the pun) to find the Peninsula tails (or tales). High participation was encouraged from the start as the performer engaged the children in silly […]

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