Applications open for Anywhere Reviewers and Photographers

Aria Moderna Show Photography by Bruce Heath

Like to get complimentary tickets to see as many shows as possible at Anywhere Theatre Festival Frankston from 22 August to 6 September and write about them? We have acrobats in skate parks and climbing walls, dance in bike stores, iPod tours in galleries, drama in atriums and cafes and comedy in halls and parks […]

Frankston the place to be to see performances anywhere and everywhere!

For Release: 22 July 2014  Frankston will be the place to see theatre anywhere but a theatre from 22 August – 6 September as the very first Anywhere Theatre Festival Frankston takes over! Expect world premiere shows inside cars and children’s shows in the home of “Picnic at Hanging Rock”author Joan Lindsay. There will be […]

2014 Anywhere Theatre Festival makes even more of the world a stage

We Are All Ghosts

The 2014 Anywhere Theatre Festival, with presenting partner mX and major partners Queensland Government and Brisbane Marketing  finished on Sunday 18th May with an incredible 420 performances of 67 production over 12 days in the nooks and crannies of 27 Brisbane suburbs. ”This was nearly overwhelming as it was up from 243 performances in 13 suburbs last […]

Sweet Meniscus… In a word? Impeccable.


The most prolific comparison of the human body in relation to earth, is that we share the same make up. That is, as with the earth in which we dwell, we too, are 70% water. This fact, in itself, offers much insight into why we are so drawn to the water. Sweet Meniscus is the […]

Little boxes of brilliance


Little Boxes Jenna&Alex Review: Meredith Walker Little boxes on the hillside, Little boxes made of ticky tacky, Little boxes on the hillside, Little boxes all the same. There’s a green one and a pink one And a blue one and a yellow one, And they’re all made out of ticky tacky And they all look […]

The silly of science

Do It For Science The Ragtag Band Review: Meredith Walker You don’t have to know a lot about Science to enjoy the Rag Tag Band’s quirky cabaret “Do It For Science”. (I am proof of that.). Despite the lab coats and safety glasses, the performers are not scientists, but just a ragtag band of musicians […]

over the hegemony

Bloke. Presented by Wax Lyrical. Reviewed by A Man Da. Unapologetically phallocentric, Bloke broaches sensitive topics. The writer / actor has a PhD in masculinity. That is a thing. While the dialogue is suitably complemented by live music and an ambient atmosphere is created, the central character often appears to be making ablutions, dumping his […]

The Abominable Autumn: Review aka Recipe

Presented by:  Pocket Atlas Reviewed by:  Marissa Ker Ingredients: 2 brilliant performers – one Brennan Campbell and one Billy Stewart-Keed 1 kitchen (with everything but the kitchen sink) – cupboard, refrigerator, pots, pans, wine glasses (muffin trays optional) Slick sound and lighting setup 1 chef’s hat 1 apron 1 dress (for mother character) 1 neighbour’s […]

Reading into the rage

The Romeo/Juliet Complex The Blacklight Collective Review: Meredith Walker Despite being a Shakespeare fangirl, I’m not overly fond of “Romeo and Juliet”. Or maybe it is because of this; there are so many other plays that could be explored and in the last three years I’ve seen six stage versions of the tragic tale, some […]

Slipping and Fish Head; a solo selection

Not only is the creation of solo work a lonely process, it can often suffer in sourcing company when it comes to the point of presentation. Lucy Watson’s solo works, Slipping and Fish Head, are victims of this solitary existence. Presented at Turf Studios in Woolloongabba, I enter this blank, green turfed canvas of a […]