Box Office available for shows anytime

Anywhere Theatre is opening up access to its box office outside the ten days of the festival for use by independent theatre companies.

Like the box office during the festival, it is an entirely online system with the ability for independent producers to monitor at all times. It is also ideal for independent producer with a low fee structure below that of other Box Office providers.

You also get to be included in our eNews, Facebook and Twitter feeds with subscribers interested in theatre anywhere.

Unlike the festival ticketing, it will be run from a separate site called to ensure the easiest and simplest process for audiences. The new site will be a resource for audiences wanting to see anywhere theatre and for anyone wanting to perform or produce anywhere theatre.

So, if you’ve got a show happening anywhere but a theatre and you need a way to easily manage a box office with a very affordable price, contact us at or 07 3102 4683.