REVIEW: Home Free

Home Free is the story of Joanna (Bianca Butler Reynolds) and Lawrence (James Elliott), two naive and vulnerable adults nested in the safety of their hide away home. There is something more sinister, however, about the relationship shared between these two sheltered souls. The pair are evidently in love and Joanna is visibly pregnant, but [...]

REVIEW: B-Movies: LIVE presents Frankenstein Meets The Space Monster

For any Brisbanites searching for cult movie magic, Kristian Fletcher’s name is probably quite familiar. From screenings at Boggo Road Goal, to music video parties at New Globe, Kristian Fletcher Presents is at the forefront of the cult and classic movie scene in the River City. Now, as part of Anywhere Festival, Fletcher is launching B-Movies […]

REVIEW: Swipe Right

Swipe Right is a seemingly simple work about four women in their 20s trying to find someone while sharing their mistakes and embarrassments along the way. The stories, and the characters that tell them, are fresh, funny and frustrating in all of the best ways possible. With a med student questioning her career choice, an inexperienced […]

Review: Genius?

The last week of the Anywhere Festival was here, no slowing down for me – 5 shows in 4 days! Genius?  This event I was back at Taylor King Art Gallery, Newmarket which was apt as the performance was about surrealist artist, Salvador Dali This was directed and performed by students from Queensland Academy Creative Industries […]

Review: Awful/Big Adventure

Review: Awful/Big Adventure

We only had 30mins to get from Newmarket after seeing Genius? I was unsure we make it and then to find a park on a Saturday night at Kangaroo Point to experience The Suicide Ensemble’s latest work,  Awful/Big Adventure. I had seen their work in previous years, the honesty and very confronting performances is not […]

Bent Schematic's The Gremlins actors

Review: The Gremlins

Reviewed by Bonnie Baguley If you enjoy slapstick humor and love physical stunts then Bent Schematic’s The Gremlins is the perfect fit for you. Upon arrival at the ticket booth we are checked for flammable materials, advised to know our blood type and cautioned to have a will and testament on hand. A fun and bumpy […]