Review: Genius?

The last week of the Anywhere Festival was here, no slowing down for me – 5 shows in 4 days! Genius?  This event I was back at Taylor King Art Gallery, Newmarket which was apt as the performance was about surrealist artist, Salvador Dali This was directed and performed by students from Queensland Academy Creative Industries […]

Bent Schematic's The Gremlins actors

Review: The Gremlins

Reviewed by Bonnie Baguley If you enjoy slapstick humor and love physical stunts then Bent Schematic’s The Gremlins is the perfect fit for you. Upon arrival at the ticket booth we are checked for flammable materials, advised to know our blood type and cautioned to have a will and testament on hand. A fun and bumpy […]

Review – The Circus Claire Show

Though hardly as death-defying or mind-blowing as typical modern circus theater, Circus Claire’s injection of innocence and playfulness will easily win over children and the child-at-heart.

Review: Private Moments – A Double Bill (‘Semi Charmed’ and ‘Buried At Sea’)

Pictured: Sarah Clarke (in Semi Charmed). Picture Credit: Geoff Lawrence, Creative Futures Photography. One of the many great things about the Brisbane Anywhere Festival is it attracts talented and enthusiastic performers from interstate. Private Moments: A Double Bill  brings two 50-minute solo shows (written and performed by Melbourne residents) to the quirky Southside Tea Rooms. Pop […]

Review: The Wives of Wolfgang (Work in Progress)

Pictured: Winona (Hannah Belanszky), Wilhelmina (Paige Poulier) and Willow (Caitlin Hill). Picture Credit: Geoff Lawrence, Creative Futures Photography. It is a privilege to see any ‘work in progress’. As I said last year, a chance to  look behind the curtain, to be exposed to the creative process, and to see the tentative early steps of […]