Anywhere Theatre Festival Limited is a Brisbane based not-for-profit company with a vision to propel a world-wide trend for exciting, engaging, passionate performance regardless of access to traditional theatre infrastructure.

We know there is a better way for performers and producers than waiting for rare slots in theatres and losing life savings presenting in fringe festivals where there are more performances than audiences members and the entire budget goes on venue hire and paying for everything but the creation of the work.

We create opportunities for collaboration, for the meaning they bring to our lives, the power with which they engage us, to share stories and engage audiences to find meaningful solutions for the challenges we face today.

In five years Anywhere Theatre Festival Limited has presented festivals in Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales with over 1,300 performances to over 274,316 people.

We create cohesive communities where diversity, achievement and excellence are fostered. Where supporters, volunteers, audiences, participants, consumers, makers, creators, keepers and distributors of arts and culture are cherished and engaged instead of permitted to attend.

Anywhere is for:


Story telling began as something we did around camp fires and over time it has been ghettoed inside traditional theatre venues and the structures that go with them.

We believe that for our own stories and performance to survive we have to stop creating theatres where people “go” for live performance. Storytelling and performance needs to happen anywhere. People need to see performance, to see theatre and engage in theatre anywhere regardless of their income or location.


We also believe that restricting performance to theatres places an unnecessary gatekeeper for artists and audiences.

The majority of performers and producers wait for rare slots in theatres and fringe festivals where there are more performances than audiences members and the entire financial risk is placed on the independent producer.


We’ve also demonstrated that there is great opportunity for business and communities to benefit by placing performances in public and business locations.

We do this through innovative partnership with local businesses and performers by removing the fiscal and creative barriers in audience attendance. We create performance right where people live, work and play to make stronger, more vibrant communities.

"The Anywhere Fest provided promotion to a market segment we could never have reached. We have never tried anything like this before. The Anywhere Fest provided a wonderful first experience."

Jenny Noble

"The Festival makes it clear that creating theatre is about connecting with people, and that is something I deeply respect and am proud to take part in."

Morgan Aldrich

"A fantastic and vital opportunity for fresh, new work."


"It shows Brisbane “the place” in all its diversity and uniqueness, it enables artists to experiment (and) it is affordable."

Pauline P.

"My husband. my nine year old daughter and myself thought the show was fantastic. The best show we have seen for a very long time."

Anthea W. (UK)

"Unique, ground breaking acts by very talented artists in nooks and crannies that even the locals do not realise exist."

Dave H.

"Fun, contemporary, affordable, interesting."

Carmel G.

"…A kind of adventure for both artists and audiences, who get to discover together the wonder of performance in an unusual space."

Sue Rider

"The city is a more vibrant and cultured place for it."


"In my work with Anywhere Theatre Festival, I have witnessed how this innovative concept delivers creative and partnership opportunities to the broader commercial sector."