Judith Doherty, Grid Iron Theatre, Scotland

Judith Doherty, Grid Iron Theatre, Scotland

Grid Iron is a multi-award winning theatre company committed to producing exciting new work in a variety of spaces and locations. During the 15 years they have been producing they have amassed 27 awards and a further 19 nominations covering all aspects of their work from acting, writing and use of music to design, stage […]

A packed itinerary.

Very excited about the itinerary and the companies we will be meeting while in the U.K. It currently ranges from Judith Doherty at Grid Iron in Edinburgh, Jorge Lopes Ramos from Zecora Ura for their performance in Preston, Alan Lane at Slung Low in Leeds, Alexander Kelly from Third Angel, David Rosenberg from Shunt, Kat […]

Shunt links and resources

Shunt is a collective of 10 artists creating large-scale performance events in unexpected, abandoned or derelict buildings throughout London. Their current home is a sprawling labyrinth of railway arches under London Bridge station: a bonded wine vault for the last 100 years – now an independent republic with diplomatic immunity and a vast private army. […]