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REVIEW: Boy With the Rainbow Umbrella

A heady combination of toxic masculinity, guilt, and politics, but a lack of focus and emotional cohesion strips this diatribe of its fangs.

REVIEW: The Gremlins

A wonderfully dark one-night stand of comedy and physical theatre – unlikely to inspire, but certain to show you a great night out.

Review: The Anywhere Festival Brisbane 2015

The last few weeks have been an enjoyable, challenging, enlightening, and entertaining time. No, I haven’t been on holiday. But I have been on a tour of many “new” places in Brisbane—or at least, places that were almost all new to me, and certainly were seen in a new light. Performance spaces I have visited […]

REVIEW: The Sexy Detective’s Sexy Directive

REVIEW: The Sexy Detective’s Sexy Directive

Ever gone on an office camping trip with a recently demoted HR worker? Been fired from the family business? Met a prince with an absorbed twin? Or received a purple space heart for purple space bravery? No? Then you’re in luck – your chance to experience all this and more comes neatly packaged in this rapid-fire sketch comedy.

Review: LGBTWho

As this was to be the play that closed off my Anywhere Fest for 2015, I suppose I had high hopes. I wanted to end on a strong point, with a piece of theatre that would leave me with a feeling, and have me satisfied at the end of my sixteen-show run as a reviewer. And you […]

Review- The Sexy Detectives’ Sexy Directive

Performed at The Bearded Lady (great bar, great beer, great choice in music) in West End, The Sexy Detectives’ Sexy Directive was marred by a couple of technical issues from the get go. For reasons unknown the show had to be moved back an hour and a half and there were a couple of technical […]