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Cluedo! - Brisbane Immersive Theatre Ensemble

When walking the plank is the springboard to success

BUSINESS INSIGHTS … from first-time participants, Kookaburra Showboat Cruises and Brisbane Immersive Ensemble   Venues, bringing the arts to where you live, require courage to sign an unknown artist – and Kookaburra Showboat Cruises has first-hand experience. “It really has to be a hand-in-hand partnership,” says sales and event manager Katrina Lee. “It’s really both […]

Little Seeds' present Roma and Juliet in Noosa Botanic Gardens, 2017

Inspired! Theatre Anywhere in unique locations

From a timber yard to a beach, unique locations inspire this year’s regional shows for Anywhere Theatre Festival. Our only rule – that all performances must happen anywhere but a theatre or gallery – can, and truly does, inspire the unexpected. We invite you: travel beyond Brisbane, to (re-)discover Cairns, Hervey Bay, Mackay, Mount Isa, […]

15 January 2017

3 months free access to ArtsHub

See what all the arts insiders are seeing with the latest news and analysis on the arts sector, upcoming grants, job opportunities and much more from ArtsHub, the home of the Australian arts industry. Register and pay to be part of  2017 Anywhere Theatre Festival and we will give you a three month free trial to access […]

Registrations now open for 2017 Anywhere Theatre Festival

Independent artists, presenters and producers are invited to register for the 2017 Anywhere Theatre Festival running  Thursday 4 May to Sunday 21 May 2017. Registrations opened 15 October 2016 and will close on 15 January 2017. Who can register? Any performing artists who wants to present a performance anywhere but a theatre. “Lo and behold, THEATRE […]

Perform anywhere in Queensland

Independent artists throughout Queensland are invited to register for the 2017 Anywhere Theatre Festival running 4 May to Sunday 21 May 2017. Registrations open 15 October 2016 and close 15 January 2017. All of Queensland? Yep, this year Anywhere Theatre Festival invites independent artists who want to perform anywhere but a theatre anywhere in Queensland. You can […]