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Shade – A Visual Art and Street Dance Collaboration. Review by Jacqx

I’m not a dancer and have little knowledge of the art of dancing but I certainly appreciate talent when I see it. Shade – A Visual Art and Street Dance Collaboration presented by Scaena Mortema at the 2016 Anywhere Festival Brisbane was special in more ways than one. Shade is a collaboration of 13 core […]

Retail Therapy Review by Jacqx

Using the words of CeCe Shabam, retail therapist extraordinaire, “Retail: a rewarding career with a satisfying salary package and lots of prospects for the future… Said no one ever!” Who would have thought there was an art form to selling clothes? CeCe Shabam reveals the secrets of retail therapy and how to be a game […]

The Curiosity Experiment Review by Jacqx

Curiosity killed the cat… satisfaction brought him back. The Curiosity Experiment is a must for the curious minded. If ghost stories or murder mysteries makes you curious, then experience something a little different by booking in to see The Curiosity Experiment. The story was written and produced by award winning director, Nathan Schulz. Although I […]

Review: The Anywhere Festival Brisbane 2015

The last few weeks have been an enjoyable, challenging, enlightening, and entertaining time. No, I haven’t been on holiday. But I have been on a tour of many “new” places in Brisbane—or at least, places that were almost all new to me, and certainly were seen in a new light. Performance spaces I have visited […]

REVIEW: The Performing Nurse

REVIEW: The Performing Nurse

What does a nurse look like? Lisa Smith, The Performing Nurse, uses truthful experience and honest, often dry humour to bridge a connection between the nursing profession and the creative arts. With deadpan delivery and bed pan projections, The Performing Nurse is charming, virile and a wonderful reminder that nurses are people just like us.