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Cluedo! - Brisbane Immersive Theatre Ensemble

When walking the plank is the springboard to success

BUSINESS INSIGHTS … from first-time participants, Kookaburra Showboat Cruises and Brisbane Immersive Ensemble   Venues, bringing the arts to where you live, require courage to sign an unknown artist – and Kookaburra Showboat Cruises has first-hand experience. “It really has to be a hand-in-hand partnership,” says sales and event manager Katrina Lee. “It’s really both […]

REVIEW: Home Free

Home Free is the story of Joanna (Bianca Butler Reynolds) and Lawrence (James Elliott), two naive and vulnerable adults nested in the safety of their hide away home. There is something more sinister, however, about the relationship shared between these two sheltered souls. The pair are evidently in love and Joanna is visibly pregnant, but [...]

REVIEW: Swipe Right

Swipe Right is a seemingly simple work about four women in their 20s trying to find someone while sharing their mistakes and embarrassments along the way. The stories, and the characters that tell them, are fresh, funny and frustrating in all of the best ways possible. With a med student questioning her career choice, an inexperienced […]

Review: Tragedy!

Reviewed by Bonnie Baguley Tragedy is like watching a good friend try to make you laugh – hilarious in parts and cringe inducing in others. The one-hour one-woman show opens with a comical clip of star of the night Elizabeth Scales flinging herself around in time to Zorba the Greek music and howling for her […]

Review: Click Cafe

Review by Korey Brennan It’s incredibly unfortunate when you’re looking forward to something, only for it to not quite live up to your expectations. It’s like when a friend tells you that a movie is “life changing”, and you watch all the trailers, make plans to see it, and then feel let down that the […]

Review: Cassandra and the Boy Doll

Review by Korey Brennan A sure fire way to get this reviewers attention in an upcoming show is to represent LGBT issues in a positive and explorative environment. After reading the full spread on Cassandra and the Boy Doll in Scenestr, I was promised a performance that showed societies preconceived ideas of gender, and the […]