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Review: Plunge

Review: Plunge

‘Plunge’ creatively explores the delicate beginnings of relationships through contemporary dance, text and narrative. It is a visually powerful piece that is not afraid to take its time. It delves into that ‘moment’ when you take the risk to make a connection with someone. There can be anxiety, excitement and joy at being accepted, and […]

Review: The Anywhere Festival Brisbane 2015

The last few weeks have been an enjoyable, challenging, enlightening, and entertaining time. No, I haven’t been on holiday. But I have been on a tour of many “new” places in Brisbane—or at least, places that were almost all new to me, and certainly were seen in a new light. Performance spaces I have visited […]

Review: Learning to Love Gravity

The great thing about festivals (and festival fringe programs) is that audiences get to see many works at an early stage in the creative process. This is not new in Brisbane. Brisbane Festival has previously had a number of ‘work in progress’ events. For example, I particularly enjoyed Expressions Dance’s First Ritual (an ‘in progress’ […]